ToyLab Studios Offers:

Full Production & Recording Tools

Toylab studios is a full production and recording studio. You can start your music production from beginning to the end right at this one location. We have all the production tools that you will need to complete that music track that you always have dreamed about. Akai, Native Instruments, Korg, Roland and many more of the top brands right at your finger tips.


Our Recording Process

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    Call Toylab Studios to book a studio session..

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    Sit down and discuss your project with one of our engineers.

  • 03

    Start Project

    Set start date for your project. Include all musicians to attend.

  • 04

    Studio Sessions

    Work on your project, may need multiple sessions to complete your entire project.

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    Finalize & Master

    One session is needed for final mix down, we will then send off for mastering.

Toylab Recording &

Production Studio

The Toylab studio is equipped with modern and vintage style production tools. Our engineers are also musicians and they take pride in providing customers with the best modern and authentic sounds possible. Listed below you can see by way of percentage bars on what we use the most in our day to day operation. We provide a few outboard instruments which is included in your rental fees.

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Inside Toylab Studios

Click the link below to view our youtube channel. We post past recording sessions, tutorials and much more. The video link to the right will give you an online tour of our recording studio.

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Our Equipment & More

Toylab Photos

Enjoy pictures below of our studio and equipment, you will also find a pictures of our great customers during recording and production sessions.

Studio Console



VST Plugin Effects

VST Instruments

Music Sampled SoundsStay connected with us

Outboard Gear & Microphones


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Toylab Studio's Pricing Area

Affordable Pricing

We offer a very affordable pricing for production and recording at our studio. Most studios are built for recording your music and vocals only. We are above that; we have all the tools you will need to produce that ultimate up to date or vintage song. Listed below are our pricing plans, please pay attention to the complete song package, it's the best bargain.

Hourly Rate

This plan you pay by the hour. This rate includes use of all studio equipment with an onsite engineer. This plan does not include the final mixdown which is also charged at the hourly rate. Mastering is also an additional fee.

45.00 / Hour

  • Engineer included
  • Use of all equipment
  • 4 hour minimum
  • Mixdown additonal fee
  • Mastering additional fee
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Complete Song

Complete song plan, this price includes use of all equipment with an onsite engineer. Twenty hours are included for everything. Final mixdown and mastering is also included in the 20 hours. You must pay $300 upfront to start.

500.00 / Song

  • $300 deposit required
  • Engineer included
  • use of all equipment
  • Mixdown & mastering included
  • Additional fee after 20 hours
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Studio Musicians

We have studio musicians available for hire, we only recommend the best musicians. The price is listed at $50.00 per hour, but this may change per musician. We will put you in contact with the musician you need to complete your project.

50.00 / Hour

  • Professional Musicians
  • Deposit required
  • 2 hour minimum applies
  • Travel fee may apply
  • Musician - case by case basis
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Owner Operator

Craig (DJ Skipp) Engineer, Owner/Operator

My name is Craig also known as DJ Skipp. I am the owner and head recording engineer. I have years of recording experience and have owned multiple recording studios.

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Latest News

Elderly Beats - Music production

Elderly beats is our music production company, if you have the talent, we have the music, contact us below for more information.

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Latest News

Live Sound, Lighting and DJ Services

Our sister company can provide the same sound quality for your live performances. We specialize in sound, lighting and DJ services. Visit the link below for more information.

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ToyLab Recording Studio is in the city of Waldorf, Maryland. Our operation hours are mainly 8am to 11pm during the weekdays and open to sessions are completed on the weekends. As stated above recording studio rentals include use of all outboard and computer instruments and a recording engineer.

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